I’m not going to Palestine hoping to solve the conflict, that would be unrealistic.  But what I do hope is that I will have an impact upon the lives of these people who are part of the struggle.  I am aware this may not be in a way where I will witness the direct effect of my work, but in the long term I hope my work will be sustainable and assist in making their everyday lives that little bit easier, and help them towards gaining back their basic human rights which they are entitled to under International Law, yet are deprived of in everyday life.

I do not have a large amount of knowledge regarding the issues surrounding the Palestine-Israeli conflict.  I know the basics, but I’m hoping that being there for three months will help me gain a true insight into the real situation; from the perspective of local people and by witnessing it for myself, which will be far more accurate than what I would read in books and see in the media.


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